Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bell, Book, and Candle

I decided to give myself a break and try something different for the month of April. Every Sunday this month I will post a snip of verse for you here, in honor of National Poetry Month.

These are technically lyrics*, but you say tomato, I say tomatoe. It's a lovely piece, and I urge you to listen to the song, by Eddie Reader:

Photo by KevLewis
Bell, Book, and Candle
The blue around the morning moon,
The colour of your eyes.
I remember holding you,
Fall through summer skies.
You're everything that I've become, every word I say.
I need a bell, book and candle to keep your ghost away.

White horses on a troubled sea,
Your smile will flash through time.
Up ahead a blackbird's wing,
Your hair will come to mind.
Every night I see your face when I have to pray.
I need a bell, book and candle to keep your ghost away.

Just before the thunder roars,
I sense you next to me.
And as I move through nature,
I know where you will be.
So I must keep myself apart, here is where I'll stay.
With a bell, book and candle to keep your ghost away.

*Chorus removed, verses run together here.


Unhinged said...

Beautiful, Gwennie Girl.

Here's the youtube if anyone wants to hear the song:

Bell, Book & Candle

Anonymous said...

What beautiful lyrics -- reading them gave me goosebumps. Thanks so much for sharing -- I will have to check out that song! :)

Kathleen Oxley said...

Very nice! Looking forward to more of these throughout the month!!

A. Catherine Noon said...

This is a really cool idea! Thank you for sharing with us, it's lovely.

Shelley Munro said...

They are beautiful lyrics. Very nice.