Friday, December 26, 2008

Oi! I'm allergic to blogging!

Well, not really. But all my excuses are lame. I've just had a serious case of ADD the past month and have been self-medicating with mochas and books. Lots and lots of books.

Oh, and nothing too exciting to report. So, for now, a quick December re-cap and I'll zip off again until I have something worthwhile to share.

1. I'm closing in on the finish of my 2nd novel (Working Title 'Witch Hunt', 'Inner Eye', and 'Zyne Legacy' - take your pick.) This one is about 25% longer than Cloak of Deceit, but allowing myself to meander to the ending is a double-edged sword. I seem to have a problem wrapping things up, picking up all the strands I've laid down and weaving them together. But I willl FINISH it - damn it! And then I will rewrite it.

2. My querying/contest entering has come to a standstill. My own fault, but I'll take another gander at that horse after the new year.

3. I also seem to be allergic to all internet-related activities. Either that, or X-box live has officially trumped me. (The epic battle-o-the-internet-usage continues at my house. Hmph.) FYI though, I have my favorite blogs on my RSS feed and I am with you in spirit. o.O

4. SNOWPOCALYPSE 2008. A little bit of non-rain, and the people here in Seattle forget how to do every-day things . . . like drive. I've been spending 2 hrs on the bus to work each way, and those powderpuff football days come in handy when jokeying for position. I've also become quite adept at flipping pages one-handed while holding onto the 'oh shit' strap.


5. Reading. I lost count, but I have averaged a book every-other-day for the month of December. And I will officially never catch my reviews up to my reading capacity - unless I figure out how to bend time back on itself.

Alas, I will do what I can. I'll only write reviews for books I really love and highly recommend. I'll comment on blogs when I can grab a spare moment at the day job, and I will tackle my husband to the ground and earn my share of the bandwidth so I can post more regularly.

But don't expect any of that until next year.

Congratulation on surviving 2008. And all the best to you and yours!