Friday, May 29, 2009

The Blog that Wasn't . . .


I wish I had a legitimate excuse. Instead, I have a bunch of illegitimate ones, disguised as an update:

1. The idea of composing a review encompassing a four book series is daunting. I read Curse the Dawn, and loved it. Haven't made a peep otherwise.

2. My mom stole my copy of Lover Avenged. (I know!)

3. On the heels of being bookless, I entered into a phase of The Artist's Way known as reading deprivation. This deprivation includes blogs, so even opening google was a downhill slide I just decided to avoid. Consequently, I was very productive that week, and *extended* said deprivation just to see what would happen. (Apparently I reached a balance-point between being productive and being depressed because I couldn't read, so no worries - that's over now. :P )

4. The sun has been shining like mad in Seattle! (Don't tell anyone.)

5. I went to my first RWA meeting, but Ciara put my write-up to shame.

6. Working lots of overtime, but took a fantastic vacation to the coast.

7. I've been working like a madwoman on my new website/blog which will relocate to Wordpress. I'm shooting for the end of June to make the big switch-a-roo. Until then, blog play is more than likely suspended. If I do happen by some time to generate content, I'll probably save it for the new site.

8. RE-WRITES!!!! It's been brought to my attention several times, that the first step of getting anywhere in the publishing business is having a solid product to sell. So, that continues to be my focus. The first third of my current novel is getting a total over-haul and the rest will be hacked, trimmed, and then polished. I'm not sure how long this is going to take me, but I will definitely be having a party when it's finished.

Think that about covers it.


Friday, May 1, 2009


My thank-the-stars-I'm-so-lucky-to- have-her critique partner Thomma Lyn is celebrating the release of her novel Mirror Blue today, from Black Lyon publishing's Literary Love Story imprint.

I just had to publicly squee.

The eBook is available from Black Lyon today, and the paperback will be available next week.

I plan on doing both a review and an interview in the coming weeks, and Thomma Lyn is on a virtual book tour through June. If you're hunkering for a character-driven story to suck you in and pull on your heartstrings, I *highly* recommend this book.

Here's the blurb:

He’s her first chance at love.
She’s his last.

Free spirit Aphra Porter never thought Isaac Lightfoot would remember
the letter she wrote to him years before. But by some miracle, he does. Now a
successful Web site designer in her thirties, Aphra meets the man whose writing
talents she’s always idolized—an encounter that leaves her spinning. No longer
is Isaac a distant image, but a flesh and blood man who looks at her like no one
has looked at her before.

A critically acclaimed author and Vietnam war hero, Isaac is one tough
bear of a man. Faced with the physical and emotional scars of war, a
relationship with a daunting age difference, and an ex-wife bent on tearing
Aphra from his life, he’s about to learn that leaving the past behind and
building a new life can be the toughest battle of all.