Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Website (Unofficially) Launched!!

I have yet to send out an announcement, and I'm still tweaking the background and some of the content, but my website is officially up!!

AND it comes up as the number one Google find for "Gwen Mitchell Fiction" ... how cool is that? I'll have to work harder to get it up there for searches for "Gwen Mitchell" ... It's currently on page three.

But there it is - and my first two novellas have been submitted to publishers too. I'm working against a deadline for my third piece, working title "Cloak of Darkness". It's for Samhain, and it's due Jan. 13th. EEK!

I also made some pretty link banners for the site:

And I figured out how to customize my web browser icon. Lot's of new discoveries, and even though the site isn't EVERYTHING I'd hoped for - it will definitely suit for now. My next goal is to get some more writing under my belt and up - and some of my own cover art, etc. to give visuals for my stories.

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2008 - here I come!

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