Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have a plan . . .

So, my first approach to the world of publishing consists of submitting several shorter pieces to ePublisher submission calls. The idea is that submitting to a submission call is more likely to get attention than an unrequested submission. I'm starting with ePub because I think it should be easier to get access, and there are more of them. Ultimately, getting my name out there and earning a reputation based on my writing is what I'm after in the first year or so.

With that said, my first few works are targeted at specific publishers, but with the idea that they could be circulated to others in the case of rejections (which I expect).

Love on the Run is being submitted to the Amber Heat Wave contest at Amber Quill Press.

His Heart's Desire is being submitted to Ellora's Cave for their 'Jewels of the Nile' series.

These are both due Jan. 1st, and there are several others planned in the coming months.

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