Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just One of Those Days . . .

You know - that day where you cry on your way to work, for no particular reason? You forgot your nice homemade lunch on the counter, so your diet is foiled, you're co-worker's are conveniently on vacation or sick, and you are carrying the workload of 3 people. You ever have one of those?

That's today.

My bad mood got worse as my brain came online and my boss's demands piled up, and so did my mental to-do lists.

So what made me feel better? It wasn't surviving the AM without caffeine, or pride at resisting the quick-fix sugar pick-me-up of the breakroom Girl Scout cookies. It wasn't the mid-morning 'Just because I love you' phonecall from my sweetie, or that I managed to stick to my calorie plan, go for my lunchbreak walk, or that the sun was shining in one of those rare but precious crystal-clear Seattle days.

No, what brought me out of my funk was that it was warm enough outside for the soccer league at the park to practice without their shirts on. The eye-candy gods saw fit to smile upon me.

Does that make me vain, or just perverted?

I'm a night-writer, so we'll see yet if the good mood holds enough to be productive, but for now, I'll live through the afternoon.

How was your day?


Anonymous said...

hehe, eye candy's always good! :) I'm glad you're having beautiful weather. It was cooler today here in TN, but we'll be having a gorgeous sunny day tomorrow with temps in the low sixties.

I'm a night writer, too! Good luck with your writing tonight -- Happy Sweating! :)

Kaige said...

It's been that kind of weather here during the day lately too. Evenings here are still chilly. Lucky you on the eye candy, I drive old retired geezers in their plaid golf pants. Bleah.

Oh, and I lost my voice. Kinda funny, but also annoying when I need to fuss at the kids. They laugh at me then too. =(

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I'm just glad some eye candy was there for you.
That's awesome.
You survived. I'm sending you some good thoughts.

Gwen said...

Thanks ladies!

Uh... well, it's pretty cold here too still, so I took it as an omen. Tomorrow will probably be rainy and drab. I can't wait for Spring though - I can feel it comin!

*off to write*

Kathleen Oxley said...

Nope, not vain or perverted IMO. Just alive and human! *hugs*