Monday, January 5, 2009

What Font Are You?

Just some internet silliness. You can take the quiz here. What font are you?

Sad, but so true.


Kerry Allen said...

I am Biergarten!

"Some people have a misanthropic side. You, on the other hand, have it written across your face. It's not that you're in a bad mood or that you're just naturally gloomy---you just want to be left alone."

Teh internetz, they know my SOUL.

Gwen Mitchell said...

LOL. I have to admit, that one fits.

Jean said...

I am Helvetica.

"You're an industry standard. Classic. Reliable. Okay, maybe a bit boring. But you don't let the haters get you down - after all, you've still got plenty of friends who think you're the best."

O.o (Please tell me I'm not boring!)