Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Web Headache...

This is my first post, and a bit of a test. I am still trying to figure out how to customize a Wordpress blog so that it fits seemlessly into the rest of my site - and it's turning out to be much more challenging than I originally thought. It's not only that I have to learn a whole other web-language (which I don't mind - it's just time consuming) ... but there really aren't that many resources out there to learn how to do it. It's pretty much up to trial and error. Normally, I would be up for something like that - learn as you go - it's sort of my motto, unofficially: learn by doing. But right now, I'm short on time, and energy, and it's become a frustration.

In the meantime, luckily - blogger is nice and user-friendly and lets me at least 'pretend' that it's a part of my website - even if it's not. And I can still use my Scribefire - which I was sad about losing. I'm not giving up . . . but this should stand in adequately and take the pressure off.

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