Sunday, June 29, 2008

Familiar Fate

I've finally finished the novella I've been working on the past month-plus. Something so short shouldn't have taken me so long, but more than half the time has been spent revising and cutting it down. To be quite honest, it only took 4 days to draft.

But I'm happy to tell you I finally shaved it down to BELOW word count (it comes in at 14.5/15K), sweat bullets over the blurb, and after a lot of pussy-footing around, nailed myself down to a title.

Introducing my first completed piece of the Zyne Legacy universe . . .

Familiar Fate

Scarlett Edgewood is a fiercely independent Zyne Ward witch, and her shields extend far beyond her metaphysical gifts. After the unexplained death of her parents, she built a fortress around her heart and dedicated her life to completing their work. On her quest for an ancient Divan, a book of legendary power, she traces the origins of a stolen amulet into the thick of the Mayan jungle. She's close. But the forces of destiny have other plans. On the precipice of achieving everything she's always worked for, Scarlett discovers something she never thought she’d desire – a savior, a warrior, and a lover who penetrates all her carefully constructed defenses.

Rook's mission is simple: find the amulet, retrieve the book, return to Khaos. But the half-breed Wielder demon's first assignment to the mortal plane proves more difficult than anticipated. After centuries serving the Legion Army and denying his weaker half, he's not prepared for the powerful emotions associated with assuming human form. With only four days to complete his task or perish, Rook falters when he encounters the Zyne witch who holds the amulet. Scarlett’s beauty and strength disarm him, arousing conflicting desires. Chief among them is a longing so deep he might be willing to sacrifice his mission, his rank, or even his life to quench it.


Eden Hail said...

Spiffy name, though I still prefer 'Sacrelette Doom and the Kingdom of the Jaguar King'. *gigglesnort*

Honestly chick, it's sounding brilliant. :D

Gwen said...

Awww! Thanks schnookems! *pouncehuggles*

Unhinged said...

And I was thinking about this title last night, too...because the word familiar means two things here, doesn't it? And perhaps fate does, too.


Debbie Mumford said...

Hooray!! Love the title, love the blurb.

Go get 'em, Gwen!

Byz. said...

I love the are on a roll girl! :)

Gwen said...

Thanks ladies! I guess the blurb was good enough to get some extra attention. Let's hope that holds! *rubs rabbit foot, turns in a circle three times and spits on floor*