Monday, April 13, 2009

The Joys of Manuscript Revision, or, All Good Writing was Written More Than Once

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I swore I would never be that 'type' of writer. And I say that like there are 'types' of writers, which really their aren't - everyone is an individual.

But when I read that a favorite author of mine writes with a process along the lines of, Write it once, keep half of it, write it again, keep 2/3 of it, write it again, keep 3/4 of it, I laughed.

That's waaaaay too inefficient, said Gwen. I'll just write my books once, and do it right the first time. I'll use an outline, and be way more organized....


Yeah. Maybe there is something to being a professional at what you do, after all.

I wrote my book once. I even had an outline. And it took me 45K words more than I thought I needed to tell the story. Now I need dig for the gold, and re-write the rest.

But it should be an adventure . . . . And result in a much better finished product. So, I've called in some help - bought some books, and I'll be using those as I sort of experiment with this whole 'rewrite' thing, to see how it works for me.

Because all of us writers are individuals -- even if some laws are universal, like this one:

All good writing was written more than once.

Consider this post a warning for the forthcoming whining.Photobucket


Thomma Lyn said...

LOL, indeed a universal law that all good writing was written more than once. And the "write it once, keep half, write again, keep 2/3, write again, keep 3/4"... man oh man, can I relate to that, too!

Best of luck with your rewrites, hon. You've got a fabulous story, and I know you'll polish it to a high shine!

Gwenny said...

Thanks hun! I'm a believer of that method now too - and thank you times a bajillion for all your help and encouragement!!! *hugs*

Tilia said...

Good luck with the rewrites!

*nomming the ballast words*

Gwen said...

Thanks hun! =D