Friday, December 26, 2008

Oi! I'm allergic to blogging!

Well, not really. But all my excuses are lame. I've just had a serious case of ADD the past month and have been self-medicating with mochas and books. Lots and lots of books.

Oh, and nothing too exciting to report. So, for now, a quick December re-cap and I'll zip off again until I have something worthwhile to share.

1. I'm closing in on the finish of my 2nd novel (Working Title 'Witch Hunt', 'Inner Eye', and 'Zyne Legacy' - take your pick.) This one is about 25% longer than Cloak of Deceit, but allowing myself to meander to the ending is a double-edged sword. I seem to have a problem wrapping things up, picking up all the strands I've laid down and weaving them together. But I willl FINISH it - damn it! And then I will rewrite it.

2. My querying/contest entering has come to a standstill. My own fault, but I'll take another gander at that horse after the new year.

3. I also seem to be allergic to all internet-related activities. Either that, or X-box live has officially trumped me. (The epic battle-o-the-internet-usage continues at my house. Hmph.) FYI though, I have my favorite blogs on my RSS feed and I am with you in spirit. o.O

4. SNOWPOCALYPSE 2008. A little bit of non-rain, and the people here in Seattle forget how to do every-day things . . . like drive. I've been spending 2 hrs on the bus to work each way, and those powderpuff football days come in handy when jokeying for position. I've also become quite adept at flipping pages one-handed while holding onto the 'oh shit' strap.


5. Reading. I lost count, but I have averaged a book every-other-day for the month of December. And I will officially never catch my reviews up to my reading capacity - unless I figure out how to bend time back on itself.

Alas, I will do what I can. I'll only write reviews for books I really love and highly recommend. I'll comment on blogs when I can grab a spare moment at the day job, and I will tackle my husband to the ground and earn my share of the bandwidth so I can post more regularly.

But don't expect any of that until next year.

Congratulation on surviving 2008. And all the best to you and yours!



Debbie Mumford said...

Hooray! She hasn't fallen off the edge of the earth!

Welcome back, Gwen.

Gwen said...

Nope, not quite, though it feels like I'm in the seventh circle of hell, AFTER it's frozen over, that is. I bet you had your share of weather down there too?

And we'll see about "back". I'll give it my best shot. *g*

Thomma Lyn said...

Good to see you, Gwen! Good luck with your novel, and I wish you all the best in the New Year.

Gwen said...

Thanks Thomma Lyn - and the best to you too and whatever your plans are for Heart's Chalice. =D

Tilia said...

Working Title 'Witch Hunt', 'Inner Eye', and 'Zyne Legacy' - take your pick.
I'm not a fan of those titles, the first two are so... unimaginative,
I wonder how this allergy shows itself. :P Greens polka-dots in your eye-vision everytime you open blogger?

I feel like there must be a dozen books with those titles. The last one, 'Zyne' just rubs me the wrong way. Makes me think of those fantasy books where they try to give everything the strangest names possible, not minding if it's stil pleasant to speak out. Zyne just gives me the creeps. Sorry. :S I seem to remember it was something in a previous book of yours?

We have real winter weather here for the first time in about 10 years. For about a week now the temperature has been constantly 0°C or less. Where I live it's to close to the sea for much snow (more inland it snowed quite a bit), but still it's all white outside (frozen mist mainly). I like it. It makes me feel happy.

I've been reading like crazy too, about a book a day except for the days I'm with my boyfriend. :)

Happy New Year, sweets! xxx